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What is back-end development?

The back-end is the behind-the-scene side of a software system, which users can’t see but can experience through a smooth system performance. As a backend development company, we build and maintain all mechanisms hidden from the users' eyes, focusing on databases, servers, inner logic, application programming interface (APIs), and architecture. In other words, we make everything your users can do when visiting your website, like account login or items purchase. Code written by back-end developers helps browsers communicate with database information.


Back-end services we offer

Full-cycle custom backend development

Web and mobile app backend development

Tech stack research and analysis

Software architecture evaluation and upgrade


Benefits of our back-end solutions

End-to-end development

End-to-end development

Devkit team will provide a full range of software development solutions for websites and mobile applications to meet the needs of companies in various industries and of different sizes. Our software development services include business analysis, graphic visualization and UX/UI design, software programming, testing, security, and post-production support. We take over all phases of production, consider all business requests, and create a custom back-end system that matches your initial idea.

Business scalability

Business scalability

Our approach is to create user-centered back-end software by the conjunction of powerful databases with relevant up-to-date technologies. The high-quality core will let your business provide the best user experience, operate flawlessly, increase your audience, and meet the growing demand without hassle. We’ll help you with both web and mobile app development. So you’re sure you can grow and improve your system, and meet changing needs without sacrificing performance.



Software engineering and information security are closely connected. As a back-end development company, we pay great attention to each business's safety. Our developers are familiar with the best security practices, secure coding techniques, authentication processes, and encryption methods, working on server-side operations that are essential to systems safety. With us, you can be sure your back-end software transmits data securely between system components and no unauthorized access is possible across them.

Transparency and probity

Transparency and probity

Cooperating with us you have transparent access to backend development services and processes. The Devkit team keeps you informed and updated on each stage of the project. We also strictly adhere to the development roadmap to accomplish project objectives. Round-the-clock system monitoring guarantees the early detection of bottlenecks, preventing potential disruptions before they escalate into significant issues. Ensure that your software development is in safe hands and feel free to monitor the performance.


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