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Going Cloud to Level Up

We can develop a custom software solution that implements cloud computing or help your software infrastructure to transition from traditional data processing to the cloud one. Storing and processing a company’s data on the company’s servers is becoming less optimal and more expensive every day as the amounts of information increase exponentially. Cloud technologies provide a possibility to boost productivity and decrease costs by allowing storing and processing data on powerful servers, which can handle terabytes of information with ease. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to buy new equipment, which can become obsolete soon after.

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What We Offer

Full-cycle development of software solutions that implement cloud technologies

Custom mobile solutions that implement cloud technologies

Data analysis

Audio and video streaming services

Websites and blogs hostings


Our Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Strategy

Our proven cloud migration strategy ensures proper alignment of your IT to the most optimal operating model, while continuously supporting the business. We begin with the Current State assessment that evaluates the applications and the underlying infrastructure, looking for the gaps and opportunities. Once we understand the environment, we adjust the goals and identify which operating strategy would have maximum efficiency. This is summarized into the Roadmap, and the journey to the Cloud begins with the migrations planning and execution.

Business Continuity

We ensure mission-critical functions can continue during and after a disaster. This involves more comprehensive planning geared toward long-term challenges to an organization’s success. We use available Business Impact Analysis (or conduct BIA) to identify critical applications and define, design and implement High Availability (HA) procedures, design and setup underlying infrastructure, develop automation, and test this functionality.

Disaster Recovery

We use various strategies and services to back up data, applications, and other resources to the public cloud or dedicated service providers. When a disaster occurs, the affected data, applications, and other resources can be restored to the local data center or a cloud provider and resume regular operation for the enterprise. Taking the necessary measures today can help ensure that any future incident won’t have a devastating effect on your business.

Cloud Agnostic

Unlike Cloud Native solutions, which place you at the hands of your cloud solution provider, Cloud Agnostic allows you to forge your own route into the clouds without being dependent on the cloud provider. Being Cloud agnostic allows your solution to be portable and independent, to follow better price and better synergy with the solution provider.


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