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Going Cloud to Level Up

Cloud computing is the delivery and on-demand availability of IT resources over the Internet. You no longer need physical data centers and hard drivers for your data and programs. They’re simply stored remotely, with the ability for you to access them from anywhere in the world, at any time, on any device. Companies of any type, size, and industry can use on-demand business computing for a huge variety of user cases. They typically pay only for cloud provider services on a subscription-based payment model. As a result, cloud migration lowers operating costs, makes infrastructure more efficient, and helps the business scale.


Our Cloud Technology solutions

Full-cycle development of cloud software

Data analysis and business consultancy

Provision of custom web and mobile solutions that implement cloud programming

Solutions for audio and video streaming services

Websites and blog hosting


Our On-demand Business Computing Services

On-demand computing is a huge shift from the traditional way of business IT resources thinking. We all use it constantly by surfing the Internet, watching movies, editing documents, whatever, and it makes these all possible behind the scenes. Moving to the cloud is easy with the help of companies for cloud computing. The Devkit team can develop custom software for you that implements on-demand computing. Or provide you with solutions to move your current software from traditional data processing to cloud storage.

Migration strategy

Migration strategy

As a cloud technology company, we operate according to a proven business process outsourcing (BPO) strategy that guarantees the alignment of your IT infrastructure with the most efficient operational model, providing continuous support to your business operations. We begin cooperation with the assessment of the current state of your system and evaluate the underlying infrastructure and additional applications to find any existing gaps and potential opportunities. Then we adjust the goals and identify the most efficient operating strategy. We summarize all received information into a roadmap and start the process of business migration planning and conduction.

Business scale and continuity

Business scale and continuity

Cloud technologies give you access to fast innovations and development. You can spin up resources that you need, deploy technology services, and implement your ideas much quicker than before. Business process migration gives you the freedom to experiment and experience new ideas and qualitatively transform your business. To prevent disasters in this way, we implement comprehensive planning with a focus on long-term success. We conduct Business Impact Analysis to identify critical points, design and set up underlying infrastructure, develop automation, and test system functionality.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

The Devkit team ensures that critical functions can continue to be performed during and after a disaster. We use various strategies and services to back up data, applications, and other resources to the public cloud and service providers. Even if a disaster happens, we can recover damaged data, applications, and other systems to the local data center or a cloud computing provider to reestablish regular operations. The best solution is to take the necessary steps today to be protected from future incidents and minimize their devastating impact on your business.

Cloud Agnostic Approach

Cloud Agnostic Approach

The Devkit team follows a Cloud Agnostic strategy that allows you to forge your own route into the cloud environment without being dependent on the provider. Unlike Cloud Native solutions, which entrust your business to cloud computing vendors. This approach gives your tools, services, and applications the opportunity to migrate seamlessly between multiple cloud platforms without disruption in workloads. It also limits the risk of system downtime, while increasing its cost-effectiveness. Get a portable and independent solution, and follow better prices and synergy with us.


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