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We apply proven approaches to design and prototyping and provide you with performing UI & UX design services to create user-centric interfaces your customers will enjoy


Why are UI/UX Design Services Needed?

UX and UI designing services play a crucial role in digital product development, making them accessible and easily usable for humans. The process includes not only the interface visualization, the optimization of navigation is the utmost significant part. All these together help to catch the users’ attention, increase their time on a website or app, and cover all their needs. As an outcome, you’ll get a proper response to achieve your business goals. The Devkit team has immense experience in designing for both complex B2B solutions and consumer applications. As a UX and UI design services company, we use the latest technologies and features and work hand-in-hand with the development team to create the most effective user experience solutions for web, iOS, and Android.


Our UI/UX Services Include


At the primary stage, we do everything to understand business needs and requirements and analyze user experience tendencies in each industry and niche. In order to achieve the best understanding, we:

  • Organize workshops with our team and a client
  • Create customer journey maps
  • Conduct card sorting to understand how users think and act when visiting a website
  • Hold focus groups to uncover significant insights about user experience

Design creation

At the next stage, when all the needed information has been collected and analyzed, we move on to project visualization. Here we work on:

  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Visual design
  • Data visualization


We present the first iteration to the client and evaluate the results of the work. It’s important here to set a further direction for project development. So we conduct:

  • Usability testing
  • Emotional response testing
  • Focus groups to estimate the current version
  • Accessibility evaluation


We perform design quality control and product improvement with each cycle of iterations. After all iterations have been done and the design has been approved by the client we move to the last stage, implementation.


Why Should Business Go For Web Design Services With Us?

Full-cycle development

Full-cycle development

Handing over your project to us gives you access to a full range of software development solutions for websites and mobile applications. Our software development services include not just UX/UI design but also business analysis, software programming, testing, security, and post-production support. We pay great attention to the interface visual and our team members work collaboratively on all aspects of the design process, helping you with idea generation and finishing with successful implementation.

User-focused approach

User-focused approach

The Devkit team prioritizes the preferences of each client's end-users. We conduct a few types of research and directly interact with potential users to receive their feedback to improve brand recognition and streamline core processes. We provide you with user experience design services that enable users to access information quickly and complete tasks intuitively. We take an integral look at each point of user interaction with your business. We also focus on user interface design services to meet the behavioral expectations of your users but also make your interface catchy and pertinent.

In-house quality control

In-house quality control

In our pursuit of delivering top-notch quality and ensuring timely product delivery, we've established a set of standards that guide each of our designers. This involves the meticulous implementation of design systems, thorough design reviews, and the integration of impactful industry practices and tools. The outcome is a highly skilled and well-organized design team that not only possesses the necessary expertise but also has a clear understanding of the task. This comprehensive approach ensures that your project benefits from a seamless and efficient design process.

Business scalability

Business scalability

UI/UX design for your product includes all the necessary information about the opportunities and functionalities of the future system. This detailed visual instruction makes the developing process easier for our engineers and they can implement the idea into a final digital product quite quickly. With our UI and UX designing services, you’ll get a fast development of your business. Furthermore, our well-defined processes and workflows ensure consistency across various platforms, devices, and screen sizes.


Devkit UI Design Services Company Values

We are human-centered

We are driven by business values

We aim to provide user-experience solutions

We are focused on details

We keep it simple for you


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