Online marketplace for e-commerce brands

Curated by human experts, the platform provides a direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce experience and helps famous brands have a direct relationship with their customers. They can not only provide their customers with personalized offers, but it allows them to significantly boost their sales and increase loyalty in the new markets.



US-based brick-and-mortar store

Team Size





Business Challenge

To keep sensitive user information and transaction data secure and address data security concerns

To incorporate secure and efficient payment processing.

The primary goals of the project

To establish a reliable and efficient fulfillment and shipping process.

To implement detailed sales reporting and analytics functionality for brands and enable them to track their performance on your platform

To develop a clear process for handling payment disputes between buyers and sellers.

To integrate secure and reliable payment gateways, offering various payment options, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc.

To handle customer data and transactions securely and in compliance with data protection laws to maintain trust and loyalty.

Business Results

Sub-2s Website Load Time

Website load time under 2 seconds

95% Brand Visibility Boost

Increased brand visibility by up to 95%

98% Customer Loyalty Increase

Increased customer loyalty by up to 98%

100% Data Protection Compliance

100% compliance with relevant data protection laws

60% Revenue Growth

Raised revenue by 60%

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